Friday, August 26, 2016

Family Guy "Blind Ambition" boards

This was the very first work I had done on the show. I boarded the first half of Act 1 (and adjusted/fixed parts on the second half), having so much fun posing out Peter's bowling and adding subtle acting and expressions to all the characters. After I finished my pass (with little to no notes from Seth), we went back and added the Chicken Fight Sequence. That massive insert was an undertaking that required multiple board artists to create, so many of us can take credit for this awesome sequence.
One of my favorite little contributions was to that fight was the sound work I did in the original animatic. It happened just after following Peter and the Chicken as the came down from the train tracks rolling towards at the edge of a cliff. You can here the music and SFX playing at full intensity just until they roll off the cliff. Then, when I cut to an extremely wide shot, with the 2 falling towards a giant cruise ship, I only left a faint/subtle SFX track of them still hitting each other, until the next cut, when the sound came back in at full volume in the interior dining room. It got great laughs in the screening, but was changed in the final sound mix. Of course there were other parts I really enjoyed figuring out and punching up in that fight (Indiana Jones ref, etc.) but that little punch to almost complete silence still makes me smile when I think about it.

This clip is ref from the board posted above.

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