Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A really fun part about working in this industry... sometimes your friends put you into the shows. I've made it into a few different series, but I just came across this one today. It's from the "Teacher's Pet" movie I worked on. I'm the guy playing with the beach ball, and the one who laughs at me is another board artist from the show, Tina Kugler. She and I were inseparable during that entire production, and I couldn't have survived without her there to laugh and freak out with. I loved working with that entire crew and am glad that most of us have continued to work with each other off an on over the years.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

2 early roughs for DVD covers (Season 1)

These were the first two roughs I did when asked to help create the DVD cover for season 1.
I eventually pitched something that was closer to what the original is now, but it lost some of it's punch along the way. Hopefully I'll find those roughs, too someday and post them here.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Family Guy "Blind Ambition" boards

This was the very first work I had done on the show. I boarded the first half of Act 1 (and adjusted/fixed parts on the second half), having so much fun posing out Peter's bowling and adding subtle acting and expressions to all the characters. After I finished my pass (with little to no notes from Seth), we went back and added the Chicken Fight Sequence. That massive insert was an undertaking that required multiple board artists to create, so many of us can take credit for this awesome sequence.
One of my favorite little contributions was to that fight was the sound work I did in the original animatic. It happened just after following Peter and the Chicken as the came down from the train tracks rolling towards at the edge of a cliff. You can here the music and SFX playing at full intensity just until they roll off the cliff. Then, when I cut to an extremely wide shot, with the 2 falling towards a giant cruise ship, I only left a faint/subtle SFX track of them still hitting each other, until the next cut, when the sound came back in at full volume in the interior dining room. It got great laughs in the screening, but was changed in the final sound mix. Of course there were other parts I really enjoyed figuring out and punching up in that fight (Indiana Jones ref, etc.) but that little punch to almost complete silence still makes me smile when I think about it.

This clip is ref from the board posted above.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Playing with Hair

Circle into a Square

Phineas and Ferb board - Klimpaloon Ultimatum part 1

During some downtime in-between seasons 1 and 2 of "Brickleberry", I was so happy to find Phineas could use my help back at Disney. Although I helped write on all parts of this episode with my board partner, my 'drawings' were mostly on the following pages: Sc's 1-15, 25-56, 82-107, and 123-139. I had so much fun co-writing this episode and am in love with a lot of the gags I created.

What always happens on a collaborative effort, we share the jokes in each others sections at times. Therefore, one of the bits I still remember us laughing at the most, was when I came up with part of Doofs back story. During his rant, he talks about in the past the public elected a warthog, because they were so fed up with the previous administration. They thought, "What's the worst that could happen???" <Beat-then the answer> "Nepotism!", then the staff is all filled with multiple Warthogs popping in. Uncles, cousins, brothers, it was a real mess... literally." I still remember pitching that and having my partner Patrick bust up laughing. Then we come back from the flashback,and Doof stops mid sentence, looking off screen at Perry... he's not paying attention but rather looking down at his phone. "...Perry...are...are you, TEXTING? While I'm Monologuing??? <beat> How are you even getting signal in here?" Sorry, just so much fun. That show allowed for creativity and was full of "Yes and.." attitude. It's why the show was so entertaining and loved by so many.

This is one of the last boards I got to co-write and draw for Phineas and Ferb.

(My drawings start on page 1, please see above for Sc #'s)
click for part 1 of this board

(My drawings start again at pg. 226)

(My drawings start again at pg. 317)

click for part 3 of this board

Clarence Board - unfinished rough test

Here's a sample of some unfinished roughs I had done for a "Clarence" test for Cartoon Network. I really loved the first clips I had seen of this show and was excited at the chance to possibly be a part of it. He was such a warm, charming main character with an amazing innocence. The story telling had a fresh take that really hit me so I thought Id take a shot. Although there was no reference for any of the other characters, I thought I'd take a stab at it with what little guidance there was. I had fun playing around with it, and  since I wasn't sure what job I was going to do next, I started the test.  Unfortunately, before I could really fully get into roughing the entire sequence out, I was given the great opportunity to run and produce a new Scooby series at WB.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Family Guy board samples from the episode "Barely Legal"

This was one of my favorite episodes I directed while at Family Guy. (Wow, look, actual pencil on paper!) Whether it's the subtle addition of Brian's little tail wagging (pg 17 - I loved to bring him back to a dog every now and then), or Stewie's hop-hop-hopping over to Brian, or just the subtle expressions and head title I gave to each character in these scenes, I loved being trusted to visually punch these hilarious scripts. We didn't just board what was on the page, we found the little moments and acting in-between to bring the characters to life even more. This combined with the timing made this show such a favorite of mine.